Make Your Wine Yurt Reservation Here.

You can reserve one of our wine yurts for your group, six people maximum.

It costs $50 to reserve the Wine Yurt

$35 for Wine Club Members*

(*Wine Club Members:

Use Promo Code "Wine Club" (no quotes)

when you check out!)

The Wine Yurts will accommodate up to 6 people.

Trouble making your reservation?

Our system does not show availability: it's hit or miss on time selection,

but No Worries!

Just call and we can help 651-437-1413

Friday - Saturday - Sunday are the best times to call.

Please honor your reservation. If you need to cancel, please let us know within 72 hours.

In case of inclement weather, if we need to cancel your reservation, we will contact you.

The Winery Closes at 5pm

Frequently Asked Questions.

Please Click on the Headings Below

to find out what to expect when you visit.

Reservations are required for the Wine Yurts (plan to arrive 15 minutes early), but not for other outdoor seating and service.

Vaccination is not required for the Wine Yurts.

It costs $50 to reserve the Wine Yurt, $35 for Wine Club Members (you will be credited back the difference.)

The Wine Yurts seat up to 4 people most comfortably. We allow up to 6.

Plan to arrive within 15 minutes of your reservation time. Please phone us at 651-437-1413 if you know you are going to be late. If we don't hear from you we will forfeit your reservation.

Yes, check in at the front service bar. A staff member will show you to the Wine Yurt and answer any questions you may have.

A current wine list will be available listing all our wines by the bottle or by the glass. Wine flights are also available if you wish to sample our wines. Seasonally, we will have mulled wine and hot cider. For food: picnic boxes come in 3 sizes with a combination of cheese, crackers, salami and fruit. We serve our local Spiral Beers and usually have their Downward Spiral IPA and Townie Kolsch.

No, do not attemt to plug anything into the outlets in the Wine Yurt.

YOur restrooms are indoors during cold weather and are available for all our customers to use. If you are unvaccinated a mask is required when you come indoors.

Yes, the Wine Yurts have tables and chairs for up to 4 people. Please ask us you need additional chairs. Please do not bring candles or have any open flames in the Wine Yurts.

Yes, the Wine Yurts have heaters. Most days are comfortably warm, but on a very cold day you might need a jacket. We ask that you do not touch or adjust the heaters by yourselves, if needed call the winery at 651-437-1413 and somebody will come out to assist you in the Wine Yurt.

All reservations are for 2 hours. Your two hours ends with you leaving the wine yurts and taking with you all of your belongings including returning wine glasses, bottles, garbage, the winery. Please help our staff make a smooth transition to the next rsvp and, if you are the last rsvp, help them to get home on time by not overstaying your welcome.

The Winery Store is open. Simply ask at the front service bar. Picnic Boxes and Wine-To-Go orders are available curbside.

-No smoking -No candles -Do not unplug the electric cords -Do not plug anything else into the electric cords -No outside alcohol allowed; this is a state law. We will confiscate any outside alcohol.

Yes, these are fully approved, regulation Wine Yurts. The term "Swigloo" is a slang term that, although not recognized by the Governing Board, is acceptable in colloquial parlance.

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